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Server Schrank-Schloss

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Server Schrank-Schloss KS100

KS100-640-SE-EU Elektronisches Serverschrank-Schloss mit RFID-Leser
(V2SE: iCLASS, MIFIRE DESFire/plus/Classic, SEOS)



  • {Real-time communication to the access control system ensures easy management of access rights}
  • {Designed for standard 25 mm x 150 mm server lock openings}
  • {Ideal for collocation data centers with multiple companies requiring access}
  • {For use on left or right hand doors}
  • {Standard server cabinet “Swing-handle” design}
  • {Simple to integrate because it works with your new or existing access control system}
  • Speichermöglichkeit für bis zu 10 ID-Mitteln für Notberechtigungen (verwendet nur bei Verbindungsunterbrechung zum Hub)
  • {Powered by PoE or external power supply}
  • {Input for Door Position Sensor}
  • LED für Statusanzeige
  • {Mechanical override possibility}
  • {Easy to integrate and install with your new or existing access control system}


  • KS100
  • Drücker
  • Montageplatte
  • {SFIC Cam}
  • {Handling selector}
  • {Cam (x3)}
  • {Mounting screws}
  • {DPS (Door Position Sensor Cable, 24VDC Cable)}

Technische Daten

Icon_Approvalsjpg_thumb.jpg Zertifizierungen: {CE; FCC Part 15}
Icon_server_lockjpg_thumb.jpg Abmessungen: {222 x 42 x 33.5 mm (HxWxD)}
icon_electricityjpg_thumb.jpg Energieversorgungen: {48VDC Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af compliant oder 24VDC Power Supply}
Icon_Radiojpg_thumb.jpg Reichweite bei drahtloser Anbindung: {2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.15.4, using AES 128bit encryption}
Icon_Temperaturejpg_thumb.jpg Betriebstemperaturbereich: { -10°C to 50°C}
Icon_RFIDjpg_thumb.jpg RFID-Technologie: {iCLASS™/ISO ISO1443B; iCLASS™ SEOS, iCLASS™ SE, MIFARE™ classic, MIFARE™ plus, DESFire™ EV1, and NFC}

Artikelnummer: KS100


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